Groisman: in 2014 were eliminated 2 of the 18 bodies, the inspecting business

Гройсман: С 2014 года были ликвидированы 2 из 18 органов, инспектирующих бизнес

In 2014 were eliminated 2 of the 18 bodies, the inspecting business. This was during the Cabinet meeting, which was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”, said Premier-the Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

“We have conducted with you the review of the implementation of resolution 442, which was adopted 10.09.14. I then worked as a Deputy Prime Minister in the government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. With his support we were able to make this decision, namely to eliminate many of the inspection fee, which constantly did that extruded entrepreneurship, creating the conditions for business development. But I want to inform everyone that with time, it took almost two years, and many inspections were not eliminated. And yesterday we held a meeting to complete the implementation of this order July 1, under the personal responsibility of each Minister responsible for a particular direction”, – said Groisman.

“And the statistics says that during this time, since the adoption of the resolution discontinued operations 2 of 18 such inspections and bodies”, – said the Prime Minister.