Groisman lives in a luxury apartment mother-in – media

Гройсман живет в элитной квартире тещи - СМИ

Groisman lives in the apartment mother-in-law in Kiev

The Prime Minister lives in an apartment in the center of Kiev, which is decorated for a pensioner.

Volodymyr Groysman together with a family lives in an elite residential quarter Novopecherskie limes in the center of Kiev, the apartment is decorated by his mother-in-law, a pensioner from Vinnitsa Alina Burlacu. It is reported by the Schemes.

He Groisman electronic Declaration wrote that has no living space in the capital, but uses 60 square meters apartment owned by his mother-in-law.

Every member of the family of the Prime Minister are still at 60 squares of real estate, which also belongs to the mother-in-law.

According to the Register of property rights, Alina Burlacu as a whole has two adjacent apartments in the “Novopecherskie sticky” area of 183 and 59 square meters and two Parking spaces.

In the sales office of this LCD told reporters that a square meter they have now is $2500, and one Parking place – about $38 thousand Thus, the total value of the property recorded in the mother-in-law Volodymyr Groysman in January 2015, an average of $681 thousand

Reporters learned that the mother-in-law of the Prime Minister lives in the village of Ahronomichne near Vinnitsa.

Groisman he confirmed that lives in the apartment of Tiffany’s: “the Fact that my mother-in-law, whom I love very much, has his housing in Kiev is for me, probably very good. We now live there with our family. And actually, I want to tell you that I love my mother very, very.”

The Prime Minister said that mother-in-law, a pensioner who lives in the winery, purchased the estate in the capital’s residential complex in Pechersk.

We will remind, earlier media reports showed service apartments Avakov.

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