Groisman on New year’s eve checked the state of readiness of Ukraine for the Eurovision song contest

Гройсман накануне Нового года проверил состояние готовности Украины к Евровидению

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on New year’s eve checked the state of readiness of Ukraine to the Eurovision song contest. He said this on his page in Facebook.

“One of the events of the year was the victory Jamala Eurovision. Now we are working on the preparations for the Eurovision song contest in 2017. New year’s eve checked the state of Affairs. There is already an agreement with the show producer Steve Barlow, for whom Eurovision-2017 will be the sixth. Signed a contract with the Studio of stage design – Wider Design. Identified venue and signed a contract with the International Exhibition Centre. Held preliminary talks between the NTU and the Ministry of economy of Ukraine regarding the maximum use of the system, the System of public e-procurement ProZorro and holding open and transparent tender procedures”, – reported the Prime Minister.

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The Prime Minister also assured that the Eurovision-2017 will be held in Kiev at the highest level.

“And I take this opportunity to wish all of us new victories in the New year!” the Prime Minister added.

Note, Groisman has congratulated Ukrainians on the upcoming 2017 year.

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