Groisman on the timing of the IMF tranche: It is a challenge for me

Гройсман о сроках транша МВФ: Это вызов для меня

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman

The head of the Cabinet noted that the issue of postponing the consideration of the tranche associated with the specification of macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine in 2017.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman declared on air of TV channel Ukraine, the Board of Directors of the International monetary Fund (IMF) has postponed consideration of the allocation of Ukraine loan tranche to clarify the macroeconomic indicators of the country in connection with the negative consequences of the blockade of Donbass, reports the press service of the Cabinet.

“Again, in order to evaluate and look at what the macroeconomic indicators will be in 2017. I emphasize that this is another challenge for me as Prime Minister to deal with it,” the Prime Minister replied to a question about the postponement of the IMF review period the allocation of Ukraine loan tranche.

Groisman noted that if Ukraine loses positions in the mining-metallurgical complex, it will weaken the country’s economy and will need to revise the forecast of macroeconomic development for 2017.

The Prime Minister stressed that even in such difficult conditions, the government is working on pension reform.

Earlier it was reported that from the agenda of the Board of Directors of the IMF disappeared, the question of reviewing eff EFF for Ukraine.

Later this information was confirmed by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

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