Groisman, Parasyuk, and prominent members of the BPP: How much money is stored in “PrivatBank” MPs and Ministers

Гройсман, Парасюк и видные члены БПП: Сколько денег хранят в "ПриватБанке" депутаты и министры

The Ukrainian government nationalized the country’s largest Bank. “PrivatBank” after talks in the presidential Administration on Sunday evening, December 18, became the property of the state. While experts are assessing what impact nationalization on the Bank’s customers, we look at the savings kept in “PrivatBank” Ukrainian officials and deputies.

It should be noted that not many prominent politicians and civil servants have accounts at the Bank. In the declarations for 2015, however, there are also millions of deposits in national currency and in foreign currency. It is not excluded that on the background of rumors about the nationalization policy have already withdrew funds from the Bank. You can check this will be in the spring, when they filed returns for the year 2016.

It is noteworthy that one of the depositors “PrivatBank” is the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. After filing the Declaration it is spoken of as a lover to keep money in cash. But 22 thousand and 16 thousand euros from the PM was in “Private”. Another 193 thousand hryvnias were stored in the Bank his wife Elena.

The son of the head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva Anton had in the past year, the Bank Deposit of 200 thousand hryvnias. With it previously happen to a big scandal when reporters found out that the son of the head of the NBU has brought out a burst of “Delta Bank” their money.

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There were small deposits and some members of the Cabinet and members of their families. So, Vice-the Prime Minister of the occupied territories and internally displaced persons Mr Question kept in “Private” to 51 thousand hryvnias, Minister of justice Pavel Petrenko had there 1903 217 EUR and UAH, the Minister of information policy Yuriy stets kept 50 thousand UAH, and his wife Yana Konotop – 10,6 thousand UAH. The wife of the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak Inna on Deposit held by 156 thousand UAH.

Some Ministers spend the money of “Private”. So, energy Minister Igor Nasalik in 2015 spent 329,5 thousand UAH of credit cards as Cabinet Minister Alexander Sayenko at year-end owed to the Bank of 40.5 thousand UAH.

More interesting find the amount of people’s deputies. So, the people’s Deputy from BPP Ivan Vinnik, who is suing several banks, including those with “Private”, as at the end of 2015, owe the establishment of 35 million UAH. And while the MP has not said that it paid at least part of the amount, moreover, he was restricted from leaving the country due to the huge debts.

Another member of the BPP Grigory Shverk selected “Privat” family Bank. Personal accounts of the Deputy in the institution kept 7 million and 36.7 thousand. Another 2.3 million UAH, 497,5 thousand dollars. and 14.7 thousand euros Schwerk kept cash in a safety Deposit box “PrivatBank”. 152 thousand hryvnias recorded in the deposits of the wife, 76 thousand UAH, the daughter of the Deputy. Schwerk in 2015, have earned 1,4 million UAH per cent of their investments.

One of the leaders of the BPP Alexey Goncharenko declared that on accounts in “PrivatBank” 50 thousand euros and 2200 UAH, which brought him in last year 121 thousand UAH per cent. Borislav Rosenblatt deposited in the Bank 637 thousand UAH, and his wife – 423 thousand UAH. And Alexander Granovsky had in the establishment of 12.4 thousand UAH and 50.2 thousand dollars.

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Had a Deposit in the Bank and a businessman Gleb zagoriy, however, modest – only 32 thousand UAH. At the Vinnitsa people’s Deputy Hryhoriy Zabolotny unlike UAH 50 thousand and 4.1 thousand.

The husband of the first Vice-speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko Anton Zatsepin kept in “PrivatBank” 20 thousand dollars.

Modest investments in “PrivatBank” members of the popular front. Ally Arsen Avakov Anton Gerashchenko kept there 14,7 thousand UAH, UAH 8.7 million was recorded on the wife – and together to thousands of dollars not reached. A larger Deposit was the wife of George Birch is almost 3 thousand dollars.

Victoria syumar stated that her husband Viktor Taran had in 2015 697 thousand UAH on the accounts of the Bank. By the way, last year the couple divorced. Another prominent “soldier” George Logoiskogo the Declaration has 43.5 thousand UAH in “Private”.

The leader of the radicals Oleg Lyashko accounts in the Bank, but promised to open to show its credibility. But colleagues Lyashko have long had an account there. Alena Kosheleva held last year, 100 thousand, 150 thousand UAH it was his father’s and the 60’s mother. Tatiana yuzkov it is had a Deposit of 72,8 thousand UAH, and Igor Popov kept 2.3 million euros, 1918 dollars. and 1743 UAH.

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The head of the faction “Samopomich” Oleg Berezyuk in 2015, has spent 196 thousand UAH of the credit limit of your card and little debt was moved to this year (probably by this time already paid).

In the “Fatherland” like a ban on “PrivatBank”. The deputies of the faction did not favor the establishment of Igor Kolomoisky and Gennady Bogolyubov.

In the “opposition bloc” here is that Natalia Korolevska was 108.5 thousand UAH.

Although a much greater amount kept in “Private” the father of Alexander Vilkul, mayor of Kryvyi Rih Yuriy Vilkul. He had in the Bank was 73,5 thousand UAH, 77,2 thousand euros, 106,2 thousand dollars. And these investments brought the year 455 thousand UAH.

Former regions, and now the member of “Vidrodzhennya” Eugene Heller, who is associated with Dnipro oligarch had “Private” deposits of 2.9 million dollars. and 373 thousand UAH, which brought him for the year of 2.9 million UAH per cent. His bandmate Viktor Bondar (too close to Kolomoisky) kept on account of 381 thousand UAH. Another member of the group Andrey Shipko had a modest 10.7 thousand dollars. and 7.5 million euros, but the wife of the Deputy was holding 465 thousand UAH 104 thousand dollars, 95 thousand euros. The fate of the money at the moment.

But another member of the group, Dmytro Sviatash, on the contrary, owed the Bank 2.2 million.

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Prominent among unaffiliated Deposit had Paul Balogh – UAH 37 thousand and 13 thousand dollars, member of the “Dill” (the party of Kolomoisky) Taras Batenko – 200 thousand UAH, Borislav Bereza – 38 thousand UAH, $ 1574. and 1070 Euro, Dmytro Dobrodomov and 4.6 million euros and 10.5 thousand UAH.

Note Vladimir Parasyuk in “PrivatBank” was in 2015 5044 dollars. and 1293 UAH.

But the champion of this company became a Deputy of the Dnipropetrovsk region, Alexander Dubinin, the accounts of which are in “PrivatBank” was listed in last year 14.7 million UAH.

Thus, only mentioned the MPs had at the end of last year in “PrivatBank” nearly 130 million UAH. Obviously, much more is stored in the institution’s officials, deputies of local councils, mayors of towns, judges, prosecutors and other authorities.

Victor Ruzhyn