Groisman predicts that the Verkhovna Rada next week will simplify the registration of imported drugs

Гройсман прогнозирует, что ВР на следующей неделе упростит регистрацию импортных лекарств

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman predicts that the Parliament will adopt next week a law on the accelerated access of foreign medicines in Ukraine.

“Today to have a competitive medication almost impossible, because there are so many barriers that simply do not give business to do it, and we have these barriers, too, will destroy”, – he said at a meeting with representatives of the enterprises.

“We ruined this decision by the government. I believe that we will do at the next plenary week with the support of people’s deputies of Ukraine”, – said the head of government.

We will remind, on may 25, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the draft law on the simplified registration of medicinal products, which are produced and used in countries with strong regulatory bodies.

In the agenda of the session introduced a bill No. 4484, which allows not to re-register in Ukraine of medicines that have been certified and used in the United States and the European Union.

In 2014 the Cabinet of Yatsenyuk asked the Parliament to facilitate the registration of medicines that are licensed in EU, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, up to 5 working days. The relevant draft law was never considered.