Groisman replied KOBOLEV on gas

Гройсман ответил на предложение Коболева по газу

Groisman not opposed to gas the Ukrainians sold cheaper

The Prime Minister strongly against the deregulation of gas prices, but sale to the public cheaper than the set level welcomes.

The government will not cancel the regulation of prices for gas at the initiative of Naftogaz. This was stated by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman during his visit to Kharkiv on Thursday, March 14. according to Interfax-Ukraine.

As for the statements of Naftogaz on gas prices, the Prime Minister said that the government has limited price, and she can’t be more of 8.55 per cubic meter.

“If Naftogaz will be able to sell cheaper – I support this. If they do, I support this, and forward. But the proposal of Naftogaz could be a trap. They propose to cancel the limit price. If we cancel the limit, tomorrow they will come and say that the price rose should be (for consumers – ed.) is 10 or 11 UAH. I can’t let that happen. We have set a limit of 8.55. Everything below is fully supported, and even require, the cheaper to sell the gas, the better,” he added.

In addition, the Prime Minister said that the government will study the proposal of the Supervisory Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine on prolongation of powers of the head of the Board of the company Andriy KOBOLEV till 22 Mar 2020.

“With regard to the Supervisory Board. He made the offer to sign a new contract on new terms, which are quite close to what I needed. This is one of the first adequate proposals that received the government from the Supervisory Board. Going to speak to finalize a decision,” – said Groisman.

Whether to raise the price of gas since may, the Prime Minister said. As you know, according to the requirements of the IMF, Ukraine needs to increase gas price by 40% during the year.


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