Groisman requires to deal with the smuggling of the forest

Гройсман требует разобраться с контрабандой леса

In chop tried to export from Ukraine of 24 elite car forest

The Prime Minister instructed to fire all involved in the exportation of timber in the Carpathian region.

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman had reprimanded the head of the State fiscal service Novel nasirovu in connection with the incident in chop, Transcarpathian region, where activists prevented the smuggling of the forest. This was reported on the website of the Cabinet.

Note, in Ukraine exports of wood is prohibited by law.

On April 17, activists found in the zone of customs control of freight transport in chop 24 of the carriage of the forest who tried to smuggle in Slovakia. On documentation the shipment was listed as wood.

Grossman nasirovu instructed to conduct an internal investigation and punish those responsible.

“I wish everyone who had involvement in this – who sent, who did the artwork, who signed – they should all be punished, and their materials must be submitted to the National anti-corruption Bureau,” he said.

The Prime Minister also instructed to find out the involvement in the incident Railways workers, ecologists and foresters. Prime requires dismissal of all those responsible.

Groisman also encouraged to make personnel decisions regarding the administration of customs.

“Without the leadership of customs things can be made. This is a serious wagons, platforms that were loaded with this round. I believe that they have established a system of business by smuggling, and do it. So I think that must be the toughest personnel decisions, which only can be,” he said.

Nasirov said that an internal investigation into the incident is already underway and should be completed this week.

As reported Корреспондент.netat the end of March in the Volyn region, the security forces prevented the illegal export of 25 million cubic meters of sawn timber worth more than 40 million UAH.