Groisman: Rising gas prices will make Ukraine stronger

Гройсман: Рост цены на газ сделает Украину сильнее

Obligations on increase in gas tariffs was taken by the Ukrainian authorities “at least ten years ago,” said the Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that the decision to raise gas prices for the population will make Ukraine stronger. He said this at the YES conference on September 15.

“So had that on my share of falls that should have been done long ago. But now needs to make that decision I’m. And I face a choice – either to withdraw from responsibility and to go a succession of populism that our country infamous, or make a decision that will make Ukraine stronger,” he said.

At the same time, the Prime Minister noted that he was “sick of this question.”

Requires the United States and the IMF. Why raise gas prices

“Because today the Ukrainians have not large incomes. And the gas for every Ukrainian family is absolutely necessary to be heated to satisfy domestic needs,” he said.

Groysman stressed that the obligation to raise gas prices was taken by Ukraine “at least ten years ago.”

On 11 September it was reported that from October the price of gas in Ukriane could grow by 23.5 percent. This issue among others is discussed during the talks between representatives of Ukraine and the IMF.

Earlier Groisman noted that the increase in gas prices will save Ukraine from default.


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