Groisman said when he learned about staging death Babchenko

Гройсман рассказал, когда узнал об инсценировке смерти Бабченко

At the time of writing your message in the social network, the Prime Minister did not know about the ongoing security operation.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said that he learned about the RAID with a re-enactment of the murder of the journalist Arkady Babchenko on the morning of the press conference. He told this in an interview with the 112 Ukraine on Thursday, may 31.

He also commented on his message in Facebookпо about the “death” of the journalist.

“At the time my reaction the day before was a press conference, I do not know about it. I was not informed of the security Service of Ukraine. The morning after my rather emotional reaction I was informed that a special operation, he is alive and I said, “Thank God that man’s alive!”, – said Groisman.

Groisman also said that there are many discussions concerning appropriate actions of the security services.

“A lot of discussions, I can only say one thing, if you were able to save the life of Arkady Babchenko, his family and the guys from the SBU, in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies, the glory of God. I knew about it in the morning and so I can not comment with this in mind. I knew that at 17 hours will be a press conference and law enforcement agencies all will tell you,” he said.

However, Groisman added that “it is obvious that there is a Russian trace”.

Recall, may 29, it was reported that in Kiev killed journalist Arkady Babchenko. The police put forward the version that murder of the journalist connected with his professional activities.

May 30 the head of the SBU Vasily Gritsak reported that Babchenko alive. The journalist appeared at the briefing to reporters, described the special operation of the SBU.


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