Groisman: Smuggling forest reaches 8 billion a year

Гройсман: Контрабанда леса достигает 8 млрд в год

According to experts, deforestation in Ukraine has reached unprecedented proportions

The authorities intend to establish clearly how much of forest cut down, how much is exported and how much is lost by the state.

The government in September will report on the work done to fight against smuggling of the forest. On Monday, July 23, at the meeting with participation of heads of Fiscal service, the national police Gosudarstvy service and Railways was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports the press service of the Cabinet.

“We need to make the country richer, not to destroy the Ukrainian forest. I need the result name, analysis firms, who founded them. By mid-September we are preparing a public report on the implemented works in personnel. Tune in to some serious work. Commodity smuggling is stopped at the moment. This work will only increase”, – said the head of government.

“Smuggling of the forest, reached the amount of 6.8 billion UAH per year, will be traced through the entire chain, and the case it will be announced and handed over to the anti-corruption court, which is in the process of creation,” – said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that now it is important to conduct an audit of all forests, the combined efforts of the SFS, the national police, Gosnautilus to clearly establish how many of the forest cut down, how much is exported and how much is lost by the state.

He also noted the importance in this work, the role of the Railways, which now needs to fix timber transportation and transfer photographs Gosudarja, GFS, Ukraine.

“So we can trace the whole chain of conspiracy. This thing is very loud, we want to convey it to the anti – corruption court,” he added.

According Groisman, soon will appear a sequence of actions given the powers of all bodies and working group will be created.

“In mid-September prepare a public report on the work carried out in personnel”, – he stressed.

Earlier today it became known that the President Petro Poroshenko vetoed, the Parliament adopted the bill aimed at the criminalization of the smuggling of forests and combating deforestation.


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