Groisman spoke about the indexation of pensions

Гройсман рассказал об индексации пенсий

Groisman told when to expect the indexation of pensions

To index pensions will begin in two years.

Indexation of pensions in Ukraine will begin in 2019 and will be held every year. This was told Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, reports channel 5.

According to him, indexation will occur annually and will maintain a pension in such amount that will provide a decent life Ukrainian pensioners.

“This is a system that is not a one-off pension increases. That is, each year from 2019 will already be indexing. This indexation will not depend on anybody”, – he said.

Thus, according to the Prime Minister, the indexing will depend on many factors.

“This indexation will depend on the economy, increasing the average wage in the country, development of inflation, and so these indexes will be entered automatically. That is very important to build a fair pension system”, – said Groisman.

Recall, 3 October, Parliament adopted a pension reform, which envisages the modernization of pensions since October, and raising the minimum insurance period for retirement from 15 to 25 years from 1 January 2018. Three days later, President Petro Poroshenko has signed this law.

The law on increase of pensions, the launching of the pension reform entered into force on 11 October.