Groisman – the “Fatherland”: Learn materiel

Гройсман - "Батькивщине": Учите матчасть

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a speech in Bukovina medical University, 13.12.2016

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman has accused the MP of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Serhiy Sobolev relative quality of preparation of the draft budget for 2017.

“When the economy Minister of the former government goes to the podium and wanted to get the leader of this faction, but realized that now I will go out on the ice and will not stand, and said such nonsense, my question is: how can you be 3.5 years by the Prime Minister and who knows how the Federal budget is formed? And I’ll explain. Never in her life she had not filed on time budget, never passed the second the second reading…. Read the rules, learn materiel. I have always said that you are a professional mediocrity. I confirm this. I worked with you and know what it is.

Recall that during the discussion of the budget Sergey Sobolev said: “This budget is the sentence the government had prepared the budget.” He said that the financial burden lashed on pensioners, agrenev, as well as on local budgets. Sobolev also noted that the deputies are unable to see the project.

In the result the Parliament adopted the budget for 2017 274 votes.