Groisman travels to Israel to meet with Netanyahu

Гройсман едет в Израиль на встречу с Нетаняяху

The Ukrainian Prime Minister will be in Israel from 14 to 16 may.

Prime Minister of Ukraine will visit Jerusalem on may 14 for a meeting with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu. According to the publication IzRus, the meeting should be the end of the crisis, which began six months ago for anti-Israel vote Ukraine to the UN.

According to media reports, Groisman will stay in Israel until may 16, and will meet with various political figures.

“About the upcoming meeting Groisman agreed with Netanyahu on the 13th of March – he called the Israeli Prime Minister, asking him to appoint a date for the visit. During the meeting, Groysman and Netanyahu agreed to the end of 2017 to complete the negotiations on creating a free trade area (FTA) between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the government of Israel,” – said the publication.

Groysman does not see the drama in relations with Israel

We will remind, in December, Netanyahu has canceled a planned visit Groisman.