Groisman wants three times to reduce the heating gas

Гройсман хочет втрое сократить отопление газом

The Prime Minister believes that it is necessary to consume less gas and produce more.

Ukraine in the coming years should reduce gas consumption and increase its production. This will ensure energy independence in 2020, said Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman.

“Our goal is threefold to consume less (of gas – ed.) per square meter in buildings. This way in 5-10 years for Ukraine. But our strategy is: to consume less longer produce. If we are going to produce our own gas, we don’t have it for hard currency to buy abroad. If we get our own gas, less of it to consume, our economy will be much stronger”, – quotes the Ukrainian press service of the government.

He noted that in 2016 the Ukrainian gas production rose to 50 million cubic meters. “It’s a bit, but this is only the beginning, because they could only fall,” – said Groisman. Next year it is expected that the volume of production of Ukrainian gas is not less than 500 million cubic meters. By 2020 Ukraine will be able to provide for their needs at the expense of gas of own production, I am sure the Prime Minister.

It was reported earlier that Ukraine began to extract gas by a new method of fracking.