Gromov: we will Not all the blame on synthetics

Громов: Не будем все сваливать на синтетику

Artem Gromov

Artem Gromov commented on the forthcoming meeting in the framework of the 5th round of the group stage of the Europa League against the French.

Midfielder Lugansk Dawn Artem Gromov told about the upcoming match with Ostersundom.

“The mood is very good. Though long shot, here, snow, cold, but the mood of the team is excellent. Of course, we understand the importance of the match. Fighting spirit. Set up to win, in the match against athletic, all has been quiet.

The team really surprised us. He controls the ball good, plays in midfield. But this game will be a rematch. We just need to win to continue to play safely with athletic.

Today we dumped the pictures. In Zaporozhye too snow, too cold. But nothing surprising in this weather here. So everything is comfortable.

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Many teams suffered with synthetics, such as Dynamo and Shakhtar, who played with young boys. But let’s not blame everything on the field. We need to win and solve the problem out further.

I do not remember the date when östersund last played. But they played a friendly with one teams in the top League. But it is unlikely to affect our opposition and we need to play well, – said Gromov.

We will remind that the meeting of the 5th round of a group round of League of Europe between Ostersundom and Dawn will be held on Thursday, November 23, at Jamtkraft (Sweden). Kickoff is at 20:00 Kyiv time. Also on our website will be available a text online broadcast of the match Ostersund – dawn.

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