Groysman asked Microsoft help reforms

Гройсман попросил у Microsoft помощи в реформах

Groysman asked Microsoft to help with the reforms

Ukraine needs technological solutions and Microsoft support in the implementation of reforms, the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said that Ukraine needs the support of Microsoft in the implementation of reforms.

He said this during a meeting with the President of Microsoft for Central and Eastern Europe Donald Grandama, according to the website of the CMU.

“We need technological solutions and support in the implementation of various programs. Ukraine needs it today: the introduction of a full-fledged e-government and other systems is very important for us. We want to be effective. For this we need to activate all the services that we provide to make them accessible, understandable, convenient, and managing the processes that exist in our sector”, he said.

Note that in 2014 the former head of Microsoft Ukraine, was appointed zamglavy the administration of the President of Petro Poroshenko.

And in 2015, the Microsoft lawyer was appointed Deputy Minister of economy of Ukraine.