Groysman called the first priorities of the Cabinet

Гройсман назвал первые приоритеты Кабмина

The first plans to restore order at the customs and gas production, the Prime Minister said.

The Cabinet focused on several priority areas of work that will contribute to the restoration of growth of the Ukrainian economy. In particular, the elimination of problems at customs, in the internal gas production and in the functioning of monopolies, said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman in the video’s in Facebook.

“The priority task we have today is the restoration of growth of the Ukrainian economy. To do this, we have identified a few basic things where we put things in order”, – he stressed.

“I can tell you about the customs, where we have huge challenges today, which on one hand provided the shadow economy, and on the other hand, do not give the opportunity to develop their own producers. We concentrated, and there are already first steps in such an aggressive programme of action on its own production of gas for Ukraine – this is our full energy independence. Work in different areas – put things in order with monopoles”, – said Groisman.

The Prime Minister stressed the need “to release and give the national economy to develop”. “There are a lot of areas that we can develop,” he said.

For this purpose, according to Groisman, in particular, it is necessary “to liberate the Ukrainian economy from the barriers, artificially created by officials.”

Earlier Groisman said that before the end of may, the government presents the operational plan of reforms and changes in the country, during which Ukraine will change.