Groysman does not see the drama in relations with Israel

Гройсман не видит драмы в отношениях с Израилем

Volodymyr Groysman

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that need a more intensive dialogue.

The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman urged not to dramatize a situation related to the transfer of his visit to Israel, reported “Interfax-Ukraine” press Secretary of the head of the government Dmitry Stolyarchuk.

According to him, the Prime Minister said the two countries have much more that unites them rather than divides, and expressed confidence that need a more intensive dialogue.

“There are many people who benefit would be to drive a wedge in our relationship using sensitive to both sides of issues, and our common task to prevent it”, – said Stolyarchuk, citing the words of Groisman.

According to him, the Prime Minister promised to do his best to overcome the differences and the more intensive development of friendly bilateral relations in the future.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has stated that it considers necessary to review the voting of Ukraine in the UN security Council on resolutions concerning Israel at the Cabinet meeting.

The vote of Ukraine against Israile the UN looks strange and ill-conceived.This fact, you should consider at the next Cabinet meeting

— Arsen Avakov (@AvakovArsen) 25 Dec 2016

Earlier it was reported that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the cancellation of the official visit, to Israel, which was scheduled for 27-28 Dec.

The cancellation is related to the situation of voting in the UN Security Council on a resolution that called on Israel to stop building settlements in the Palestinian territories.

Of the 15 members of the UN Security Council 14, including Ukraine, voted for the resolution and only the United States abstained but did not veto.

In the U.S. Senate proposed to deprive the UN of money