Groysman: I didn’t know that the monthly fee for gas will be introduced from 1 April

Гройсман: Я не знал, что абонплату за газ введут с 1 апреля

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman at the meeting with regional media on the theme of decentralization, 31.03.2017

Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman was not aware of the introduction from 1 April monthly fee the gas the National Commission, which regulates energy and utilities (NKREKU). This Groisman said on the air “Evening Prime” on the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I, first, didn’t know that will introduce from 1 April, but I know that they have such plans, I did not put any problems. But the question when they entered, I learned about it from the media,” – said Groisman.

During the announcement of the news, Groisman April, was on a visit to Zhytomyr.

“I was in Zhitomir met people, one woman told me that introduced the monthly fee and the account became more. In Kiev at the press conference, I ask the same questions. I promised to carry out the calculations and if there will be an inflated price, immediately react to it. I did it. I brought the calculations and when I saw that people de facto have to pay more, then he did not understand. I called Dmitry Vladimirovich (Dmitry Vovk, head of the national Commission – ed.) and told him that what he did is wrong, millions of people will pay more. We had a conversation with him, I say demand that they are entrenched in the Commission and once again carefully understood and explained to the public that they did,” – said Groisman.

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According to Groisman, today’s decision of the national Commission on the abolition of the license fee for gas is correct.

On the next heating season Groisman said:

“There are no risks. We are, in principle, will be fully prepared for the heating season 2017-2018. We have gained significant experience this year on the training and modernization of infrastructure.”

On the question of whether NERC will cancel the monthly fee for gas, Volodymyr Groisman said
“I think that we will achieve this decision and the Board will review it. Logic is not to abolish transportation, but that pricing was public, and the amount has not increased.”

As reported, the national Commission, which regulates energy and utilities (NKREKU), March 28 in Ukraine has introduced a monthly fee for gas for the population and industrial users from April 1.

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has demanded to stop the decision regarding the imposition of a license fee for gas.

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April 4, the national Commission stated that they intend to suspend the decision on the introduction of a fee for the gas.

Гройсман: Я не знал, что абонплату за газ введут с 1 апреля
Гройсман: Я не знал, что абонплату за газ введут с 1 апреля

Гройсман: Я не знал, что абонплату за газ введут с 1 апреля

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