Groysman is convinced that you will find in Ukraine, many supporters of health insurance

Гройсман убежден, что найдет в Украине много сторонников системы медстрахования

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the Studio “112 Ukraine”. 30.11.16

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman said about the need of introduction of medical insurance system and is convinced that she will find in the country a lot of supporters. The Prime Minister said during the Cabinet meeting that was broadcast channel “112 Ukraine”.

“We need to enter the country’s medical insurance. I understand that there must be different opinions, including, there, different jackals will run around this theme. But have the bits of the honest Ukrainian society. The system should be reliable, quality, equitable and effective. And we understand how it should be done, so I think we will find many supporters of this system,” he said.

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Compulsory health insurance in Ukraine plan to introduce for a long time. In particular, such reform was envisaged in coalition agreement of the parties in the new Parliament. It is also proposed to create conditions for free access of private providers to the market of state-guaranteed medical services, and for purchase by local authorities of services from private suppliers.

The health Ministry predicted the introduction of compulsory health insurance for Ukrainians since January of 2016.

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