Groysman: the Loss of state – owned enterprises- almost 90 billion

Гройсман: Потери от госпредприятий - почти 90 млрд

Groysman told about the tens of billions of losses from public sector enterprises

Such scale of the losses is due to corruption in the public sector, the Prime Minister said.

State enterprise of Ukraine has generated losses of nearly ninety billion. The Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said in an interview with Business capital.

“Now we need to overcome corruption in public enterprises, because 3.5 thousand state-owned enterprises generated today 87 billion hryvnias of losses”, – he said.

According to the Prime Minister, SOEs must sell.

“So the fact that it is not necessary to state, is not of a strategic nature, must be sold, including at auction. The company comes the new owner, which will create new jobs, attract new technology,” he added.

The Prime Minister also noted that Ukraine needs “just five to seven solutions” to rapid economic growth.

“I guarantee you: should take literally five to seven solutions, and Ukraine will begin an accelerated economic growth,” he said, estimating a growth of “above 5%”.

Interestingly, earlier in the International monetary Fund said that the completion of the fourth review of the EFF should be performed key requirements: pension reform, privatisation and the fight against corruption.

As reported, in July suffered a series of scandals related to corruption in state enterprises. So, at the end of July on suspicion of production and sale of unaccounted goods were searched at the enterprises of the state concern Ukrspirt.

In mid-July employees of the NABU detained the Director of the state enterprise Lviv armored plant of the Novel Tymkiw and his Deputy Oleg Tkachenko.

Even earlier were searched in December.