Groysman: We reform ten ministries

Гройсман: Мы реформируем десять министерств

In the current Cabinet of 18 line ministries.

The Prime Minister believes that Ukraine should build the Ukrainians, not foreigners.

The government intends to reform 10 existing ministries. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman in the broadcast channel 112 Ukraine on Sunday, July 16. However, he said that these departments will be carried out completely reformatting the structure.

Groisman also expressed the need to involve Ukrainian experts in public administration, calling the trend of attraction of foreign specialists “abuse”.

“I think we once in a certain period of time has abused it. I believe that Ukraine should build the Ukrainians. Not that we can invite certain specialists that are well-known. But by and large we have to build your own house yourself is very important. Yes, we make mistakes, so we are able to do something wrong, as it did other countries, but I am deeply convinced that all we have to do, we must pass through your heart – then we will appreciate it,” – said the Prime Minister.

He stressed that every country has its unique experience in Ukraine should have their own – “it is very important that during these three years, we began to accumulate its own experience.”

Note, in the current composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine functions 18 line ministries.

Earlier Groisman said that the humanitarian problems in Ukraine caused by Russia’s aggressive actions.