Gryshchenko: For Europe, the main thing quickly to close the Ukrainian issue, and how is not so important

Грищенко: Для Европы главное быстро закрыть украинский вопрос, а каким образом – не так важно

To the attention of channel four to the Ukraine will be maintained, although it is not quite the attention that many expect. After all, for many European countries it is crucial to close the Ukrainian issue, and how – it is a secondary issue, said the TV channel “112 Ukraine” eks-the Minister of foreign Affairs Konstantin Grishchenko.

“That is why German and French diplomats, and not only them, question: how to ensure a quick resolution of this crisis? Today, in addition to the Minsk agreements, other format is not scheduled neither the Ukrainian side nor someone else. Therefore, the increased pressure in this direction will only continue,” – said Grishchenko.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko tonight will hold a telephone conversation in “channel format”.

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