Guardiola: do Not doubt the skills Mourinho

Гвардиола: Не сомневаюсь в мастерстве Моуринью

Jose Mourinho and PEP Guardiola

PEP Guardiola expressed in the address of his colleague Jose Mourinho.

The head coach of Manchester city PEP Guardiola expressed support for the coach of Manchester United, josé Mourinho, who criticized due to the poor start to the season.

“I have already said that not making any judgments. It is clear that now we are judged by winning titles, as the titles is the best proof that your ideas work.

Personally, I do not doubt the skills of Mourinho. Never doubted and do not doubt now. But it’s not just the titles. For example, I won the amazing clubs with awesome players. And if I wasn’t I would not be able to win titles.

But there are so many great coaches who never won titles. That’s why you need to have something special to win, but on the other hand, you can be very good and not to win titles.

There are many circumstances that the coach has no control. But this does not mean that it is bad” – quoted Guardiola to Sky Sports.

Earlier Mourinho emotionally spoke at a press conference after a crushing defeat against Tottenham.

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