Guzhva said the details of the search in Stranaya

Гужва рассказал подробности обыска в Страна.ua

Editor Stranaya Igor Guzhva

Editor-In-Chief Of The Country.ia associates searched in the editorial criticism of the people’s Deputy from the Radical party.

Chief editor of Internet-edition the Country.ia Igor Guzhva said details of the searches in the editorial office.

The evening of 22 June on the website of the lawyer Elena Lukash in Facebook there was a message from paradoctor of the Country.

“Hello! Igor Guzhva. The phone I have selected. So I write here. In short the thing is. About a month ago I went on a people from the people’s Deputy from the Radical party Linko and offered $ 20,000 for the removal of the text about the conflict of people, molting and Kiva. Offered aggressively, but I refused. Since contacts about Linko was not”, – stated in the message.

The evening of 22 June in the office of the Country stormed the security forces.

“Had the police. Force selected the phone. My requirements not to conduct investigative actions prior to joining the advocates did not respond. What they found during a search, where it came from, they found me hard to say. I was not able to follow their actions. The conclusion may be one –the authorities have had enough of our “Country” and they decided to go on lawlessness. To close our publication and to fabricate a criminal case against me with the intent of throwing you in jail. But nothing. We still carry on,” wrote the Guzhva.

We will remind, in the evening of 22 June edition of the Country.ia was searched. According to the Deputy chief editor Svetlana Kryukova, searches conducted by the SBU and Ukraine.

In SBU they want to punish the media for propaganda Russia

The attorney General reported that the editor-in-chief edition Igor Guzhva was detained for extortion of a bribe.

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