Guzhva was arrested for two months

Гужву арестовали на два месяца

Igor Guzhva

The Deposit is 544 thousand UAH.

Head of Internet publications Stranaya Igor Guzhva was arrested for two months with the alternative collateral in the amount of 544 thousand UAH. This decision was made by the Shevchenkivsky district court in Kyiv on Saturday, 24 June.

As the press-Secretary of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office Hope maksimets, the Guzhva also entrusted with the additional commitments, in particular, it needs to pass the passport for travel abroad, to appear on the first demand of the investigator and more.

The maximes also said that the Prosecutor’s office communities can appeal the amount of bail, which he considers to be less than forgiven the Prosecutor – the Prosecutor’s office has 5 days to decide whether to appeal the judge’s decision. The Prosecutor requested the arrest with the possibility of bail in the sum more than 3 million UAH.

“Deposit Guzhva will be introduced”, – said journalists the lawyer of the accused Olena Lukash after the end of the court.

Recall, June 22, Guzhva was detained on suspicion in extortion of 10 thousand for the deployment of compromising people’s Deputy from the Radical party Dmitry Linko materials. According to the Guzhva, representatives Linko proposed revision of 20 thousand dollars for something that it did not publish critical material. According to editor-in-chief when the mediators were refused – falsified charges of extortion.

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