Hack mobile Internet for UAH 79

Хакнуть мобильный интернет за 79 гривен

Users of the tariff “life Hack” has received the first addition of GB to the tariff plan for the same money.So the alternative to the unlimited tariff from lifecell.

In late November, the operator lifecell has launched a tariff plan “life Hack” – it differs in that it has growing the maximum amount of data transfer via mobile Internet. For 89 UAH per month subscribers in addition to the Internet traffic can get without restrictions calls to lifecell, as well as 150 free minutes for calls to all other operators and 150 SMS.

How it works with the Internet traffic? From the beginning, the subscriber is able to use up to 20 GB for the first month. Next – it will increase in volume the volume of traffic to 20 gigabytes. Used 10 gigabytes in the first month received during the second 30 gigabytes, used in the first month all 20 gigabytes received in the second month 40 GB.

In fact, if you do not get carried away by the swing of the movies and just surf the Internet, without fanaticism to use video, 20-40 GB would be enough for a month of active use. Moreover, we have a habit of, being in a place with Internet access via wi-fi, to use primarily it is they, and not the mobile Internet. Statistics show that the vast majority of mobile Internet users use up to 10 gigabytes per month of such traffic. That is proposed in the tariff plan “life Hack” volumes cover the needs at least twice. But if the queries are to grow each month, the limit may increase by another 20 gigabytes.

What about the price? 89 UAH is the price without the discount. And if before the end of the previous month use of the package to pay the next month, it will be cheaper for 10 hryvnias – that is, 79 hryvnias. In fact, it turns out that for a very reasonable price, the subscriber receives almost no limited access to the Internet.

This is very important because unlimited data packages cost several times more expensive compared to the package “Lifehack”. How do you manage to provide such a service, says an expert on tariffs and proposals lifecell Oleg Sidorenko: “What preceded the launch of the tariff plan “life Hack”? Why the company chose this approach? We constantly monitor the market demand and strive to create innovative tariffs and services. At the moment subscribers are actively increasing the volume of consumed Internet traffic. However, they can not predict the exact number of gigabytes needed for the next month.”

And unlimited tariffs are not suitable for everyone, said Oleg Sidorenko: “Unlimited offers initially include the high cost, which adversely affects the ultimate Board for subscribers. We have developed an affordable pricing plan with a personal assessment of traffic each of our users. With tariff plan “life Hack” don’t need to worry about the amount of traffic that we will always provide the subscriber number used Gigabyte in the past month + will provide a margin of 20 GB, just in case.”

As always – several “what if” questions. What if 20 gigabytes or already assigned to an increased limit of data transfer will be used by the end of the month? In this case, it can be re-ordered monthly package including 150 minutes of calls to other subscribers, 150 SMS, and another 20 GB (*700#).

What if now the subscriber uses some of the tariff package from lifecell? You can easily navigate with it to the tariff plan “life Hack”. “When you transition to “life Hack” with the tariff plans that have higher cost 30-day package, the fee will be 50 UAH. (including all taxes and fees). As for the tariff plans with lower cost 30-day of package, the transition will be free,” – says Oleg Sidorenko.

Хакнуть мобильный интернет за 79 гривен



That gets the subscriber in the first month of use tariff “life Hack”

150 minutes of calls to other operators

150 SMS on-net calls lifecellбез restrictions, as well as 20 GB of mobile Internet traffic.

That gets the subscriber in each subsequent month of use tariff “life Hack”

150 minutes of calls to other operators

150 SMS on-net calls lifecellбез restrictions, as well as mobile Internet traffic in volume, used in the previous month, plus an extra 20 Gigabytes.

How much is a “Lifehack”

89 UAH per month before discounts.

79 UAH per month, subject to payment until exhaustion of the previous month use plan “Lifehack”to

How much is to go to “Lifehack”

If there is no network connectivity lifecell or have a data plan cheaper 89 UAH – at no extra charge.

If the tariff plan is more expensive than lifecell 89 UAH 50 UAH. including all taxes and fees.