Hackers robbed a Bank Akhmetov media

Хакеры ограбили банк Ахметова - СМИ

Hackers interfered with the work of Pumbaa

Natspolitsiya investigating the interference of hackers in the job Bank, which “caused significant damage” to the financial institution.

The main investigation Department of national police is investigating the criminal proceedings, in which it is established that the hackers stole from the accounts of Bank a considerable amount of money. It is reported Finbalance with reference to the decision of Pechersky regional court of Kiev, contained in the Unified state register of court decisions.

In a criminal case States that “from 19 to 25 January 2019 unidentified persons acting by prior agreement, committed unauthorized interference in the operation of the automated system JSC First Ukrainian international Bank (FUIB), which led to the fake information, and caused significant damage to the banking institution”.

the investigation obtained evidence that “during the period from 19 to 25 January 2019, the client on the card account using mobile application of the system FUIB online, has carried out large number of operations of replenishment of different phone numbers of the mobile operator Kyivstar, which was the cause of unauthorized overdraft on the card account for the total amount of 100 UAH 172”.

Given this, the court granted the request of investigators and provided them with access to documents that are in the JSC Kyivstar and relates to the number of phone numbers. At the conclusion of the police, “there is every reason to believe that these mobile phone numbers could be used during the Commission of criminal offences, for the further withdrawal of the stolen money and cash, as well as when dealing complicit in the crime.”

The court also granted the motion of investigators and provided them with access to documents of FUIB, regarding several of his clients, and individuals, “who were the developers of mobile applications of the system FUIB online”.

Earlier in Zaporozhye the staff of the Police arrested the man who developed and spread the virus, opens access to crypto-wallets of the victims. The attacker had made a withdrawal in the controlled bitcoin wallets.

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