Hackers running Petya, made a statement

Хакеры, запустившие Petya, сделали заявление

Hackers gave the movement of money in electronic wallets

Extort for the decryption of files with 256 000 dollars.

The hacker or group of hackers behind the virus Petya for the first time since the attack started. Their first activity was noticed in the Motherboard, according to ain.ua.

The unknown emptied the bitcoin wallet where by this time had accumulated $10 000 (initially the virus extorted for the decryption of files for $300 but those who have paid, no keys received). The sum was transferred to another wallet. Some time later, the same group has transferred small amounts on wallets and DeepPaste Pastebin sites — these sites are often used by hackers to ads, as the same DeepPaste, for example, only accessible through Tor.

Then unknown, acting on behalf of the creators of the virus, posted an appeal to all the victims, which extorts for the decryption of the file (not startup disks) for 100 bitcoins. At the time of writing at the rate of 100 bitcoins worth $256 000.

The publication notes that the message does not specify the wallet, but there is a link to the chat on the darknet, where users can a hacker (or hackers) to get in touch.

Publishing contacted in chatroom with one of the alleged authors Petya and quoted his words on which the amount is so high because key suitable for “decrypt all computers”. Then the journalist Motherboard offered to decrypt one file as a test. The publication gave the hackers one of the encrypted files, but at the time of writing the news received no response.

French expert infobezopasnosti, head Comae Technologies Matt Swish believes that the hackers just “Troll journalists.” In his opinion, they just want to confuse the public, insisting that Petya — virus the Trojan, not a virus-the Viper (whose goal is to destroy the information). Himself experts believe the opposite.

Recall that the global hacker attack virus-the extortioner Petya 27 Jun struck IT systems of the companies of Ukraine and some other countries, mostly affecting the Ukraine. The attack targeted the computers of the oil, banking, energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical companies, the websites of government agencies. 1 July, the SBU said that it had established the involvement of Russian security services to attack the virus.

On 4 July the Department of police, together with the specialists of the SBU and the city Prosecutor’s office stopped the second stage of a cyber attack Petya.

On June 5 Vladimir Omelian said that the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine has suffered millions in losses due to the failure of hundreds of jobs and two of the six servers, caused by cyber attack.

Experts of antivirus company ESET said Petya A collecting the unique codes of the enterprises (enterprise), as well as proxy settings, user names and passwords of the infected apps M.E.Doc.


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