Hackers stole information about hundreds of thousands of customers UniCredit

Хакеры похитили информацию о сотнях тысяч клиентов UniCredit

The company admitted that suffered a series of hacker attacks.

The Company UniCredit by unauthorized access had been stolen information about loans 400 thousand people. On this day, 26 July, reported on the website of Unicredit Group.

Provided that the hacker attack previously occurred in September and October 2016 and again in June-July 2017. Access to databases provided the hackers the business partner group. According to the experts, stolen information concerned data about 400 thousand customers in Italy. In particular, the intruders were interested in the passwords that allow you to access your accounts or unauthorized transactions.

It is reported that hackers have gained access to user data, but have not received their passwords.

Currently, UniCredit stated that the elimination of security problems, and also that appealed to the relevant authorities and submitted the application to Prosecutor’s office of Milan.

In Ukraine the interests of the Unicredit Group is represented by Ukrsotsbank.

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