Hackers tried to hack the website of the President

Хакеры пытались взломать сайт президента

Hackers made the attack on the website of the President of Ukraine

The attack was able to quickly locate, so a failure in the operation of the site, almost nobody noticed. Hacking attacks were also subjected to the Ukrainian banking system.

The NSDC Secretary Alex Danilov said that hackers constantly attacking the banking system of Ukraine and has recently tried to hack the website of the President. He said this in a conversation with journalists after a meeting of the national security Council, reports Radio Liberty on Saturday, December 7.

“Constantly attacked our banking system, are certain resources that are in the President’s office, was recently attacked directly to the website of the President. It was two weeks ago. A short period of time – due to the fact that very quickly managed to do localization, then almost no one noticed that there was a failure,” said Danilov.

According to him, Ukraine in the past month has been 11 to hacker attacks, so the subject of cybersecurity was one of three main topics that have been raised today at a closed meeting of the Council.

“If we’re talking about digitalization and digitalization of the state, it should be understood that this figure needs to be protected,” said Danilov.

Zelensky today convened a meeting of the Council before the meeting in Paris. The meeting was held behind closed doors in the office of the President of Ukraine. It was attended by all members of the Council.

The meeting of the Council before Paris: the details are displayed

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