Half of Ukrainians want to close the border with Russia and introduce visas

Половина украинцев хотят закрыть границу с РФ и ввести визы

Ukrainians want to protect itself from Russia

In Russia, too many people want to isolate themselves from Ukraine.

Almost half of the population of Ukraine supports the closure of borders and the introduction of visas and customs with Russia. This is evidenced by the survey of the Kiev international Institute of sociology in cooperation with the Russian research organization Levada Center.

As noted, the number of Ukrainians who want closed borders, visas and customs Russia has increased in September in comparison with may, to 49% (was 43%). At the same time, Russia compared with may, almost unchanged, the number of those who support closed borders, visas and customs with Ukraine (was 35%, so 34%).

Compared to may support of independence of Ukraine practically have not changed: almost 90% of the population believe that Ukraine should be an independent state.

The survey was conducted from 16 September to 1 October 2017. By personal interview 2040 respondents respondents 18 years or older residing in 108 settlements all over Ukraine (except Crimea). In the Luhansk and Donetsk regions survey was conducted only in the territories controlled by Ukraine.

We will remind, in Russia, 41% of Russians believe that Russia should support the self-proclaimed LNR AND DND in the conflict in the Donbass.