Half put on Donbass auto Bogdan broke – volunteer

Половина поставленных на Донбасс авто Богдан сломались – волонтер

Sanitary auto Bogdan

Doctors don’t want to use ambulances production plant Bogdan, claiming that they are unstable and strongly shaking when driving.

50 sanitary vehicles Bogdan-2251 set by the Ministry of defense in the Donbass, 25 had to be repaired or returned to the factory. This was reported by a member of the Board of volunteers at the defense Ministry Valentyna Varava in the air of Gromadsky radio.

According to her, 25 broken car five was repaired on site by a mobile team. “Of those 20 cars that needed repair, three is a factory defect, they returned. 17 cars were repaired, 10 were returned in the unit, seven more on the service, two of which, as they say, ready,” said the volunteer.

Varava added that doctors don’t want to use the car because it shakes too much and is very unstable.

“During one of the last evacuations by Bogdan on the move had armor, helmets, because the doors were opened. There is also a huge problem with fuel system, which must have a sensor capacity of water, but they are not” – she said.

Previously, the defense Ministry reported that for the army until the end of 2017 will be purchased 130 ambulances Bogdan.