“Hamerman snimu wrose” club Atlas

"Хамерман знищує віруси" в клубе Atlas

The most outrageous, most spectacular, most adequate group of at least Ukraine continues the series of events dedicated to its own 20th anniversary. At this time, Vova and albert are going to play a massive concert in a big club Atlas. And sing their hits, the boys called this (according to them) Chinese choir “DIN don”. Musicians strongly advise you to skip the main event of the Year of Hamerman according to the Chinese calendar and the Year of Hamerman in Ukraine according to the UNESCO calendar.

When: 3 June, 19:00

Where: Club Atlas, St. Sich Riflemen, 37-41

How much: 150-400 UAH

"Хамерман знищує віруси" в клубе Atlas