Hamilton became the world champion, finishing only ninth in Mexico

Хэмилтон стал чемпионом мира, финишировав лишь девятым в Мексике

Lewis Hamilton

The Mexican Grand Prix was won by max Verstappen.

Briton Lewis Hamilton became world champion chetyrekhtomnym of Fomrula-1, despite the fact that finished only ninth at the Grand Prix of Mexico.

The key moment of the race was her start when . Verstappen thanks to the slip-stream began to overtake Vettel before the first turn, and Sebastian himself tried to enter a turn side by side with max, but his front wing caught the Red bull Dutchman. Both tried to attack Hamilton, but Lewis in the next turn already hooked Vettel.

Хэмилтон стал чемпионом мира, финишировав лишь девятым в Мексике

In the end, Verstappen left the leader of the race, Vettel and Hamilton went into the pits, once in the basement of the peloton. After that, we saw a great race where two contenders for the title desperately broke back upstairs.

In the end, Sebastian Vettel has risen on the fourth place and failed to achieve the desired result, and Lewis Hamilton had the ninth place, in order to formalize the conquest of chetveronogo of the title, because he has kept the more than 50-point advantage over Sebastian Vettel. For the remaining two races, the German, who was the only rival to Lewis, will not be able to play this lag.

The pilot of Red bull Max Verstappen won the Grand Prix of Mexico. Second place in the race won by the driver of the Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas, the final podium was Kimi Raikkonen.

Nine years it took Hamilton to make four League titles. His first title he won in 2008 with McLaren. The second and third trophy of Formula 1, the Briton took Mercedes in 2014-2015.

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