Hamilton equaled the legendary Senna for number of pole positions in a career

Хэмилтон сравнялся с легендарным Сенной по числу поулов в карьере

Lewis Hamilton

To Michael Schumacher, the Briton continued to win three qualifications.

The British pilot McLaren Lewis Hamilton won the canadian Grand Prix pole position equaled the number of victories in the qualifiers with three-time world champion Ayrton Senna.

After today’s success the Hamilton there are a total of 65 pole positions in his career. More only, the sevenfold world champion Michael Schumacher with 68 victories.

“As a kid, I came home and said that if I’m lucky enough to get into Formula 1, I want to repeat for. Can’t believe I caught up with him. I honestly just don’t believe. I remember coming home from school and put the videotape. And now I’m here, and I have so many pole positions,” – said after qualifying Hamilton.

Note that the top 10 pilots in terms of won pole positions in addition to Hamilton, there is still one active racer and the leader of the championship Sebastian Vettel (47).

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