Hamilton may be deprived of victory at the Grand Prix of Germany

Хэмилтона могут лишить победы на Гран-при Германии

Lewis Hamilton

The Briton was summoned to the stewards to explain the moment with arrival/no-show in the pits during the race Hamilton was a misunderstanding with the team.

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton summoned to the stewards of the German Grand Prix, reports the BBC.

The fact that during the race Hamilton was a misunderstanding with the team and the Briton at the last moment taxied to the pit lane back onto the track, cutting off the dividing line.

It was the fault of the team that in just a few seconds a couple of times back and forth on this whether to call the Briton into the pits or not.

The rules allow such maneuvers in the race, but only in case of force majeure.

If the stewards deem that Lewis broke the rules, you can write him a 5 penalty seconds. In this case, victory will go to Valtteri Bottas.

Earlier it was reported that Hamilton won the Grand Prix of Germany.

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