Hamilton wants to win in Mexico

Хэмилтон: Хочу выиграть в Мексике

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton intends to fight for victory at the Grand Prix, although his suit and fifth place.

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton said that he did not intend to adhere to the cautious tactics at the Grand Prix of Mexico, and wants to win the title with dignity.

“I want to win. I have no desire to come here to finish fifth and watch as someone else is on the podium,” said Hamilton.

It should be clarified that even if Mexico’s main rival Hamilton Sebastian Vettel in the Ferrari would win, the Brit will be enough to finish in fifth place to win his fourth title.

Note that in case of success at the upcoming Grand Prix of Mexico in the number of titles Hamilton will be equal with German Sebastian Vettel and Frenchman Alain Prost. More League titles, only the Argentine Juan Manuel Fangio (5) and German Michael Schumacher (7).

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