Hamilton won the qualification in Monaco, Ferrari – another failure

Хэмилтон выиграл квалификацию в Монако, у Феррари - очередная неудача

Pilots Mercedes made a move to take sixth in the championship in six races.

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton showed the best time in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix, winning his 85-th pole in his career.

Already the first session brought a surprise but not out on the second attempt because of the need to weigh in, and his time shown in the first attempt was not enough to exit in the second session. Interesting that Vettel did not get the second sigment, but managed to drive the fastest lap in the last attempt and headed the Protocol – 1:11.434, knocking out the number 15 best of his partner.

Further there were no surprises. In the end, Lewis Hamilton won the qualification in Monaco with a new record the current configuration of the track, winning the 85-th pole in his career and second of the season.

Valtteri Bottas showed the second time, losing by 86 thousandths – the riders Mercedes first row of the starting field. Given that in Monaco difficult to overtake, there is a request for the sixth consecutive double at the finish.

From the second row start, Verstappen and Vettel. Sebastian had a good run in the last attempt, but made a mistake and caught the barrier. Not too strong kick, Sebastian kept going, but the attempt is ruined. Disastrous session for Ferrari.

Race the Monaco Grand Prix will be held on Sunday, may 26. Online broadcasting will be available on our website starting from 16:00.

Хэмилтон выиграл квалификацию в Монако, у Феррари - очередная неудача

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