Han said, as independence brought Ukraine and the EU

Хан рассказал, как Майдан сблизил Украину и ЕС

Khan at a memorial of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

In the five years after independence managed to achieve great progress, says EU Commissioner Hahn.

Ukraine and the EU closer together as never before thanks to the people who five years ago started the Revolution of dignity. On Wednesday, November 21 – the fifth anniversary of the Maidan said the European Commissioner for enlargement and neighbourhood policy Johannes Hahn.

The Commissioner has published in Twitter a photo from Kiev, where he kneels before the memorial to the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred.

“Just 10 days ago, I visited Kiev, to commemorate the Heavenly Hundred. They gave their lives for the values of freedom, justice and open society,” wrote the Commissioner.

Hahn stressed that since the Maidan managed to achieve great progress. “Ukraine and the EU closer than ever thanks to those who five years ago started a Revolution of dignity”, – said the Commissioner.

Note, the anniversary of the Maidan in Kiev will host a series of events involving the country’s leadership, a memorial prayer, a procession of students, will open an exhibition in the Ukrainian house will host a concert Way gdnet.


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