Hankering for Transcarpathia? Hungary is attacking Ukraine

Позарились на Закарпатье? Венгрия атакует Украину

Hungary declared a real diplomatic war on Ukraine because of the law on education.

After the Verkhovna Rada voted for the new law on education it once sharply criticized a number of countries. Led the war against the law of Hungary.

Now this confrontation comes too far in Hungary start talking about the separation of Transcarpathia, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary come to our country, ignoring the Ukrainian foreign Ministry.

What happens between Ukraine and Hungary understood the Correspondent.net.

What’s the problem

The education act introduces compulsory education in Ukrainian schools and universities in the Ukrainian language. Apply this provision on educational institution of national minorities.

At the moment there is a situation that in Transcarpathia there are Hungarian schools in which children do not understand the Ukrainian language. Whole communities speak only Hungarian. There is also a Hungarian University you can get education in Ukraine, not even knowing Ukrainian.

Authorities believe the provisions of the law on education legitimate, but the Hungarians believe that it violates the rights of national minorities in Ukraine.

Pushing through the EU

The Hungarian government has said it will block all further decisions of the European Union towards a rapprochement of the EU with Ukraine, because of the law on education.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary Peter Siarto said that the new law significantly violates the principles of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. He plans to initiate next Monday at the meeting of foreign Ministers of member countries of the European Union in Luxembourg, the revision of the Association agreement with Ukraine.

But this requires the consent of all EU members, experts say. To which Siarto is unlikely to succeed.

Szijjártó also argued that the law creates a worse situation in the field of education for Hungarians and other minorities in Ukraine than in the Soviet times.

The only means of influence on Ukraine, Szijjártó believes increased international pressure on Kiev.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine only surprised by the statement of the Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary on revision of the Association agreement between Ukraine and the EU.

“Hungary has the right to raise any issue within the EU. But the solution in respect of Ukraine can not be accepted without Ukraine, which pays an extremely high price for its place in Europe”, – said in a statement.


On the background of the conflict-the Hungarians start to play along with the separatism in Transcarpathia.

In Hungary even going to hold a rally “self-Determination for Transcarpathia”.

For this reason, Ukraine’s foreign Ministry sent a note of protest.

The action is organized by the nationalist party “Jobbik”. Under the same slogan, the same party held in Budapest a similar rally on March 27, 2014 – in the midst of the tragic events in the Crimea, in the Donbas and Russian aggression.

Moreover, even the name of the main initiator in both cases the same: like three years ago, is Tomas Gaudi-Nagy. It recently together with the MEPs from “Jobbik”, Krisztina Morvai was not allowed to Ukraine in the Transcarpathian transmission “Luzhniki”.

That is tamás Gaudi-Nagy in April 2014 played at the PACE session in a t-shirt saying “Crimea legally belongs to Russia. Transcarpathia legally belongs to Hungary.”

“Jobbik” has never concealed his ambitions in Transcarpathia, not just demanded of the authorities of Hungary to articulate territorial claims in the region. The Hungarian foreign Ministry was even officially from these statements and actions to disown.

And the party “Jobbik” has never concealed not just his Pro-Russian position, and of close ties with Moscow, and frequent visits there, cooperation.

In her party member, also deputatka of the European Parliament Balu Kovacs, who was an official observer at pseudoreference in Crimea and called it legitimate, even the case was opened in Hungary for espionage in favor of Russia. The investigation is still ongoing.

Unfriendly Hungary

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary allowed itself to come to Transcarpathia, to meet the Hungarian community and refuse to meet with his Ukrainian counterpart Pavel Klimkin.

This is a serious breach of diplomatic etiquette.

“Despite the Ukrainian side’s suggestion on visiting Transcarpathia by the foreign Ministers of the two countries, the Hungarian party, it was decided to carry out a visit to unilaterally”, – said the foreign Ministry of Ukraine.

First Vice-speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko relates the reaction of the Hungarian language article of the Ukrainian law “On education” host the parliamentary elections in 2018.

“In Hungary soon elections, and some local politicians use the protection of Hungarian-speaking population abroad, as an internal uniting trump card. As for me, a very specific trump borrowed in the Kremlin”, – said Gerashchenko.

While Hungary is not going to break EU unity on the issue of sanctions against Russia, despite the conflict with Kiev because of the law on education.