Happy is the leader in Europe in the “legal spam”

Рада - лидер в Европе по "законодательному спаму"

The Verkhovna Rada

Только12% of bills become laws.

The people’s deputies of the VIII convocation are leaders in Europe in the number of registered bills. However, most of them submitted draft law did not pass the test experts of the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of Finance. About it reports a press-service of Committee of voters of Ukraine.

So, Ukrainian people’s deputies registered in the average of 1.8 thousand bills a year. For comparison, in Norway initiated an average of 5 bills per year, in Switzerland 6 in Greece – 13, Austria – 46, UK – 66, in Iceland – 71, in Denmark – 74, Portugal – 115, in Belgium – 227, in Finland 257 France 337 Italy – 644.

Thus, the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada initiate 300 times more bills than MPs of Norway and Switzerland, 140 times more than in Greece, 39 times more than in Austria, 25 times more than in the UK, Iceland and Denmark , 15 times more than in Portugal, 8 times more than in Belgium and Finland, 5 times more than in France and three times more than in Italy.

“Most of the submitted bills – the so-called low-quality legislative spam. Every second, the draft law receives the negative conclusions of the Main scientific expert Department of the Verkhovna Rada, one – third of the Ministry of Finance. MPs are in effect for the Olympic principle that the main thing not victory, and participation. After all, laws are only 12% of bills filed,” – said at a press conference “Verkhovna Rada: the end of 2017,” head of the CVU Alexey Purse.

Рада - лидер в Европе по "законодательному спаму"



Earlier it was reported that in the Parliament rose “knopkodavstvo”.

We will remind, in December 2017 40 MPs missed more than 90% of the votes.