Harlan could not bring the team’s medal, the sword Ukraine twice fourth

Харлан не смогла принести команде медаль, в шпаге Украина дважды четвертая

Ukrainian fencers at the teams left without medals of the world Cup at the weekend.

Four Ukrainian national teams of Ukraine on fencing took part in the world Cup last weekend.

Closest to the medals was the national team of Ukraine on fencing on swords, which is composed of Anatoly Gerey, Maxim Brushwood, Vladimir Stankevich and Roman Svichkar stayed in fourth place on the stage of the world Cup in Paris.

Ukrainians started in the round of direct elimination under the third room and on the way to the semi-finals defeated Turkey with a score of 45:3, USA with a score of 43:36, Russia with a score of 28:23, but in the final our team was not allowed the Italians, who won the Ukrainian epee fencer with a score of 40:29. In the match for the bronze medal our team, who played without their 1st rooms Bogdan Nikishin, lost to Japan 22:26.

Харлан не смогла принести команде медаль, в шпаге Украина дважды четвертая

In Tunisia he took a triumphant return of Olga Harlan, who won gold in the individual competition, but in a team with Elena Voronina, Elena Cravache and Olga Zhovnir concluded in seventh place.

In round Tablo Ukrainian women began to fight for awards under the fourth number of qualifications. In the 1/8 final of the Ukrainian sablistka got the victory over the host track, finishing the match with a score of 45:35, but the next stage from Harlan, Voronina, Cravache and Zhovnir difficulties.

1/4 of the standings our fencers met with the Italians. Throughout the battle, the team held the lead, but the outcome was decided in the final confrontation Harlan – Rossella Gregorio. Italian sablistka struck the 1st number of the Ukrainian national team 12 strokes, while the Ukrainian managed to answer only 4. Gregorio could not only equalize, but also to bring Italy in the semi-finals of the world Cup, finishing the match with a score of 45:44 in their favor.

Further the national team of Ukraine fought for 5-8 places. First, Harlan, Voronin, Kravatka and Zhovnir lost to the Russians with a score of 41:45, and after took over by Mexicans – 45:22. Thus, Ukrainian women finished in seventh place in the final standings.

In Rio de Janeiro hosted the last world Cup stage in fencing on swords among women. In this tournament the national team of Ukraine was represented by five fencers: Julia Svitil, Ksenia Panteleeva, Elena Krivitskaya, Anfisa Pochkalova and Fabi Begur.

On all managed to get through the first room of the national rating of Fabi Begur. Ukrainian woman has reached the 1/8 finals in the individual competition, losing to Italian Mara Navarria – 15:13.

As for the team championship, our team finished just one step from the podium. Elena Krivitskaya, Fabi Bajura, Pochkalova Anfisa Ksenia Panteleeva first has not experienced difficulties in combat with the canadian sparidae, beating rivals with a score of 45:31, after the national team defeated South Korea – 14:13, and in 1/2 final not cope with the Italians, having lost with a score of 18:33.

In the bronze match Ukrainian women resisted the Chinese. The meeting was equal, and the outcome of the battle was decided in the end. In opposition to Begur – Mina JI winner came Chinese, which put 10 shots against 6 from the Ukrainian spagetti – 40:37. Thus, the national team of Ukraine stopped at the 4th place in the final standings.

Харлан не смогла принести команде медаль, в шпаге Украина дважды четвертая

In St. Petersburg hosted the world Cup in fencing on rapiers among men. From the Ukraine in this tournament made Chuchukalo Dmitry, Andrey Pogrebnyak, Rostislav gercik, Ivan Tkachuk and Claude Younes.

The only Ukrainians in the round Tablo was Chuchukalo and Pogrebnyak who have completed their participation in the 1/32 finals.

In the team championship, the Ukrainians were 7. First, Rostislav gercik, Dmitry Chuchukalo, Claude Younes and Andrew Pogrebnyak team beat Hong Kong with a score of 45:30, but after the lost Russians – 30:45.

In the fight for 5-8 places, the Ukrainian men’s foil first lost to South Korea, 40:45, but after rehabilitated in a match with poles – 45:30.

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