Harlan: do Not imagine my life without fencing

Харлан: Не представляю свою жизнь без фехтования

Olga Harlan

Olga Harlan admitted that he is not going to stop there.

The leader of the national team of Ukraine on fencing sabre fencing Olga Harlan after receipt of the anniversary, the tenth award of the NOC as the best athlete of the month talked about how due to win the world Cup, as she finds the motivation to win and wished Oleg Vernaeve soon to receive this exclusive award.

“I am very pleased to receive this award because she is a special anniversary for me. I am very pleased that it did for me exclusive option awards. I hope to be a 20-I, well at least the 15th.

Everyone says that we with Oleg Vernaeve competition, but I sincerely wish that he got the same. And I wish to be surpassed, because we support each other, often congratulate each other if there is a reason.

I am grateful to many, but I especially want to highlight Vadim Gutzeit. If he had not, there would not be this success. All moral support was of him. Since March we are working closely together and we have a lot of work to do before the next Olympic games.

I was very motivated. You know, after the Olympics in Rio, I thought that six months will not take his sword in his hands. I really wanted to relax, but from myself without even waiting after 1.5 months I again wanted to fence. But this time I had surgery, after which I flew to USA to her husband for recovery. There I practiced, I used to fence with his left hand, with the kids and lost them, but I really wanted to see the fencing. It is my passion. And I just can’t imagine my life without fencing.

Харлан: Не представляю свою жизнь без фехтования

Arriving at the first competition after the injury, I didn’t expect to win. I wasn’t ready physically, just mentally. But I was not afraid to make mistakes and fenced easily, without pressure. I really would like to remember those feelings and apply them at the Olympic games.

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This season due to injury was unusually short for me. After the surgery, I was eager to return, but there were people who stopped me and Vadim Markovich was one of them. As time has shown, it was right.

That day I won the world championship, I showed the fencing that I wanted and, hopefully, wanted to see Vadim Markovich.

Arriving at the world Cup, I was very focused, really wanted to show good fencing. I got it. After the last shot in the final I just couldn’t believe that it has done what I did. I didn’t believe that I can. I cried a lot. After the first victory at the world Cup in Budapest, I didn’t cry after the second in Kazan little tears, and then cried. But I knew I didn’t want to stop,” – said Olga Harlan.

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