Harlan for the first time since 2004 were left without medals of the championship of Europe

Харлан впервые с 2004 года осталась без медали чемпионата Европы

Women’s national team of Ukraine on fencing on swords

Women’s national team of Ukraine on fencing on swords and men’s team of foil fencers failed to qualify in the 1/2 finals of the European championship.

Titled Ukrainian sabre fencer Olga Kharlan for the first time since 2004, returns to the European championship without a medal.

Seven-time European champion, winner of the European games, as well as 18-time winner of European Championships in individual and team competitions Harlan went to the European championship in Tbilisi after undergoing shoulder surgery and the championship became her only a third international start after recovery. Perhaps the leader of our team cost to spare, but the other partner for the Olympic team in Rio won a silver medal, was also injured.

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In the end the championship with Harlan recovered two of the debutantes of the European Championships. The miracle did not happen in the final of Olga Harlan, Olga Zhovnir, and Olena Prokuda and Julia Bakastova gave the team Hungary (43:45).

Also without a medal at the Championships left the men’s foil – Rostislav gercik, Andrey Pogrebnyak, Claude Younes and Dmitry Chuchukalo in the 1/8 finals defeated Sweden 45:24, but in the next round the team lost to Italy 39:45.

European championship in fencing will end on Saturday, June 17.

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