Harlan stopped in a step from medals at the world Cup in Tunisia

Харлан остановилась в шаге от медали на Кубке мира в Тунисе

In the semi final of the leader of the Ukrainian team didn’t let the Frenchwoman Charlotte Lembach.

The leader of the national team of Ukraine on fencing Olga Harlan failed to win a medal at the world Cup in Tunisia. In the 1/4 finals of the Harlan with a difference of just one shot lost to the Frenchwoman Charlotte Lembach (14:15).

Harlan, in his first match of the tournament defeated Russian Evgeny Podmoskove (15:4), then confidently defeated Spaniard Lucía Martin Portuges (15:11), in 1/8 finals defeated Romanian Bianca Pascu (15:9).

Harlan finished in seventh place, Alina Konashuk – 23-m is located Next to Elena Voronina (94), Elena Kravatka (114), Olga Zhovnir (123), Julia Bakastova (144).

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