Have Nasirov check for more foreign citizenships

У Насирова проверяют наличие еще иностранных гражданств

Nasirova was arrested on the night of 7 March

Britain has officially confirmed that Nasirov – citizen of the United Kingdom.

Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office (SAP) check the possible presence of the suspended head of fiscal service of the Roman Nasirov citizenship of other foreign States, except great Britain. The head of SAP Nazar Golodnitsky reported in interview to the newspaper Facts.

“It is not excluded that can appear and other data. We sent to certain countries requests. Waiting for an answer. Yet received a response from only one country – thanks to British colleagues for efficiency”, – he said.

Holodnitsky noted that the UK National Agency for combating crime through diplomatic channels, officially confirmed that Nasirov – citizen of the United Kingdom.

“It’s not innuendo and not manipulation. The Prosecutor, when he announced a petition to the court, showed these documents. Not scanned copies, which can be photoshop, not photocopies. This is a weighty argument in favor of why we insist on such measure, as arrest, and not on another. We must realize that if a person has a passport of another country, he just gets away with it, if you do not take him into custody. Then we won’t get it back, because not many countries give their citizens”, – said the head of SAP.

At the same time, he could not confirm the information about the alleged presence Nasirov property in London.

Previously, lawyers Nasirov has stated that the documents about the alleged triple citizenship of their client is a counterfeit.

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