Have Sentsov may refuse bodies – the lawyer

У Сенцова могут отказать органы – адвокат

The state of health Oleg Sentsov is gradually deteriorating

Force-feeding is equivalent by the European court to torture and it is not a solution for Oleg Sentsov.

From Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov, who is in a Russian prison in Labytnangi, soon unable to deny the internal organs. This broadcast radio Crimea.Realities his lawyer said Sentsov Dmitry Dinze later on Friday evening, August 10.

According to him, the fourth crisis Sentsov who is on hunger strike for almost three months, will be accompanied by a gradual failure of internal organs.

“The third crisis is dangerous because on the background of the hunger strike, the authorities begin to prepare for the failure, the person becomes ill – what happens with Oleg Sentsov. The doctors tell him that the coming of the fourth crisis depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. It may happen tomorrow, or next week, or a month,” the lawyer said.

The head of the advocacy center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights Boris Zakharov added that force-feeding cannot be called saving solution for Sentsov.

“Force-feeding by the European court amounts to torture and has a negative impact on a weakened body, despite the ingress of nutrients. Therefore, there is a very big issue, good or bad. Force-feeding is not a guarantee of saving the life of Oleg Sentsov” – concluded Zakharov.

The doctors from the hospital, Labytnangi had spent hours of consultation Oleg Sentsov. Earlier, his sister Natalia, Kaplan announced a “disastrous state” of Sentsov, who, according to her, not get out of bed.

Commissioner for human rights of the Verkhovna Rada Lyudmila Denisova said that Sentsov is observed the third protracted crisis.

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