Have something to show. The situation around Ukraine in the beginning of 2018

Есть что показать. Ситуация вокруг Украины в начале 2018 года

The West is tired from sabotage and impotence of the Ukrainian militiamen.

While Ukrainian politicians are enjoying the long Christmas holidays, as a rule, far from home, in the international arena of event bubbling. The reporter understood what the foreign policy situation around Ukraine in the beginning of 2018.

Christmas festivities in Ukraine are traditionally lasted almost two weeks. MPs for a long vacation, the Ministers managed to come to the meeting of the government only to January 11, President greetings and signs from the laws, even Mehomitan not going to. But beyond the borders of Ukraine are resting less, and there comes to us a lot of news, says Valery Litvinski number 1 in the magazine Reporter..

Western Ukraine’s neighbors — Hungary and Poland — managed to hold a bilateral summit meeting in Budapest. With both countries in 2017 Ukraine had a number of high-profile conflicts to resolve before the end and failed. The Prime Ministers of Hungary and Poland, Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki at the meeting in the first place sent signals to Brussels that their countries wished to play a greater role in the European Union and with the axis Budapest — Warsaw we ought to begin to be considered. Moreover, they have developed a unified position.

Touched Prime Ministers and the Ukrainian question. Thus, the poles are back to talk about numerous Ukrainian “refugees” whom they sheltered. Moravicki asserts that Poland has had 1.5 million Ukrainians, and at least tens of thousands of them — people from the war zone. However, according to official figures, which were previously announced by the Ukrainian Embassy in Poland, Warsaw for 10 months in 2017 has granted refugee status to only 56 Ukrainians.

And all the rest? It is labor migrants (see also page 38), which pay taxes in Poland and which is in dire need of Polish economy. And not at all unemployed recipients of social assistance. But Polish Prime Minister this subject delicately bypassed.

Though there is something to talk about: near Warsaw, the company has obliged employees of the Ukrainians to wear clothes in the colors of the national flag. Such a designation has no functional content and is exclusively concerned with our fellow citizens. The plant explained that thus “mark” employees who do not speak Polish. But such flagrant segregation in the EU in the XXI century are already interested in law enforcement.

Statements about Ukrainians in Warsaw trying to fend off the demands of Brussels to accept migrants — Polish authorities continue to ignore. And in relations with Kiev Warsaw came even to the formation of “black lists”.

At the end of 2017, the Ukraine and Poland has taken steps to normalize relations. In Kharkov there arrived the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda, and the parties made statements about the fact that the differences in the vision of history should not interfere with cooperation. But new conflicts to avoid unlikely. 2018 in Poland, as in Ukraine, the election. The ruling party of Poland, law and justice came to power with nationalist slogans, a new fight over right-wing electorate will not allow it to soften in relations with neighbours. In addition, in 2018, Poland will commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Volyn tragedy, which will undoubtedly become a new challenge for Ukrainian-Polish relations.

However, the starting position 2018 in relations with Poland are encouraging: January 9, was dismissed famous for its unfriendly attitude towards Ukraine, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the neighboring powers, Witold Waszczykowski. No, no, no. It’s not a nod in the direction of Kiev after a visit by Polish President to Ukraine, how nice it would be to think. Just in Warsaw happened to a government crisis, and Beata Szydlo, representing the law and justice party, 7 December resigned from the post of Prime Minister. The reason — the growing problems in the economy. December 11 was presented to the new government of Poland, but on an individual assignment lasted until the second week of January 2018. The new Minister of foreign Affairs — Professor Jacek Czaputowicz (Krzysztof Jacek Czaputowicz).

Czaputowicz — not a career diplomat, but has research experience in the field of international relations, led the National school of public administration and even headed in 2017, the diplomatic Academy of the Polish foreign Ministry. In General, there are all the conditions for the restart of the Ukrainian-Polish relations.

Russia and its “peacekeepers”

On the opposite flank of the Ukrainian borders, the relative calm, Russia is actively preparing for the next re-election of Vladimir Putin. However, Ukraine, this is not much easier. Settlement in the Donbass in the near future, despite the new year’s exchange of prisoners, should not wait.

The idea of putting peacekeepers not viable — has openly admitted permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko. According to him, the whole fuss around this topic — the game of the Kremlin, and present peacekeeping mission in the Donbas Moscow never wanted. Ukraine does not agree to participate in the peacekeeping contingent of the Russian military. The Kremlin on the other conditions will not do. Stalled under the incessant reports about the attacks and the victims.

But there was a scandal with those whom they often called “Kremlin agents” in Ukraine, the Moscow Patriarchate of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It all started with the situation of wild — Zaporozhye priest of the Moscow Patriarchate refused to bury the tragically deceased two year old baby, citing that the child was baptized in the Kyiv Patriarchate. Pro-Moscow priest was supported by the leadership of the Patriarchy — for them the boy was not a member of the Church, and “people calling themselves the Kiev Patriarchate, are not the Church is a religious-political organization”.

The public reaction was harsh. Across the country under the Moscow Patriarchate started to carry children’s toys in protest, and priests do not always react appropriately reported and fights. While the main focus of opposition moved to Kiev, at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Ukrainian nationalists have blocked Laura with the demand to drive out the “FSB agents”, the Abbot of the monastery Archbishop Pavel remembered and the recognition of Russian Crimea, and opposition to the Euromaidan.

Есть что показать. Ситуация вокруг Украины в начале 2018 года

The protests of nationalists under the Lavra

The tension of the UOC-MP is growing. Further work needs policy to not have to work with the security forces.

The West is on guard of justice

Another reason, which stirred up the Ukrainian society became audacious murder of human rights activist Irina Mostovskoy. In spite of his purely criminal in nature, it quickly acquired a political color. With the requirement of objective investigation of the murder Mostovskoy held a mass rally under the building of the Kiev regional Department of the National police.

On the one hand, it Mostovskoy is a story that, despite its “ongoing reform” of which we tell, the police wakes up from sleep only under the pressure of a powerful public protest.

Есть что показать. Ситуация вокруг Украины в начале 2018 года

In society there are calls for vigilante justice

On the other — the reaction of the Western partners of Ukraine on the case. Even such a private incident was commented by the US Embassy in Ukraine: the report stressed that “the perpetrators must be brought to justice.” The head of investment Fund Hermitage Capital and head of the campaign for the implementation of the Magnitsky act bill Browder went further and threatened the Ukrainian authorities with personal sanctions, in the absence of the results of the investigation into the murder of human rights activist. The Magnitsky act to the current Ukrainian government has not threatened.

After such statements, the suspect was found quickly enough and even managed upright to plead guilty. I hope the case is really investigated, but has not appointed a scapegoat. In any case, it is an important signal to the Ukrainian authorities. The West is tired from sabotage and impotence of the Ukrainian militiamen, and the involvement of partners in the reform will not be limited only to protect corruption fighters but grants for reforms.

Meanwhile, looming next annual examination in Davos. At the world economic forum in addition to traditional Ukrainian Breakfast organized by Pinchuk and which plans to present President Petro Poroshenko, along with other top leaders of the country, for the first time open more, and the Ukrainian house. It will present investment opportunities in the Ukrainian IT sector and innovation. Only here you will find the power, something to brag about in Davos? For example, in compiled by experts of the world economic forum ranking States on the level of organized crime Ukraine ranked 113th place out of 137 countries.Just between Uganda and Trinidad and Tobago. Moreover, according to conclusions of experts, the level of organized crime in Ukraine increased. Of course, the authorities will once again boast bezveza with the EU, but who is surprised it was in Davos?